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/co/ Recommended Ultimate Marvel

/co/ Recommended Ultimate Marvel

New 52 updated

How about Guardians of the Galaxy comp?

You mean the fucking ones on the Marvel Comics sidebar?

Or this one, found on that "Before asking for a rec, please check this post" link we have up for shits n giggles?

Countdown to Final Crisis on a rec list? Is this a joke?

Go take it up with /co/, its their rec list

Is this blog still even updated? There's been a lot of new and updated recommendation images made in the last few months. The fact that they aren't going up here makes this site increasingly less useful.

I know, I’m sorry.

I’m in a rec thread right now, things have just been busy and I seem to miss the rec threads when they happen.

Queuing stuff now, my apologies, though honestly it helps too if image rec makers submit to us too.

Harley Quinn recommendation list made by an anon from /co/

Harley Quinn recommendation list made by an anon from /co/

Eurocomics Rec Image

Eurocomics Rec Image

Hey Dumbass [Sci-Fi related]

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mod m: thanks bb I felt like I uploaded it before but couldn’t find it

Got any recs for sci-fi comics?

This time there is a pic for this!
But it’s perpetually a WIP, so it has yet to be submitted/uploaded 

Gonna start doing questions a bit differently; rather than have 3-4 posts of 
"yo do you have recs for <whatever>" with the response "no list is made for that yet", I’m going to compile all questions we’ve gotten into a single post whenever I do an update

  • Do you have any John Stewart recs?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rec list for him

  • I know it’s probably going to be just the teen titans recommendations. But I might as well ask anyways, any Wally West specific teen titans arcs/single issues?’

No clue, but that seems like something that a follower could answer on here pretty quickly

  • You have recommendations for much of Wildstorm but what about Gen13? Surely that team must have plenty worth reading.

No clue, but I wasn’t around when that rec pic was made, so I don’t know if gen13 was intentionally left off, or just omitted cause no one suggested anything for them 

  • Any chance of a proper european comics rec? The list on here is not actually a rec, just a list of books one particular guy has translated.

I’ve actually seen it brought up a few times in the franco-belgian/eurocomic threads, but the consensus seems to be “no one has bothered putting one together and no one plans to atm”. I recommend just going into a eurocomic thread (there’s one up now, although it’s just french comics since it started as a ouiaboo thread) and asking there